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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Something Delicious In Breakfast "Bombay Chutney"

Bombay chutney is a gravy dish served as a side with breakfast items like dosa, idli, puri, chapati and roti. It is popular down South especially in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Go to any of the road side tiffin centers in any small town or city, you are sure to find ‘bombay chutney’ on their menu. It is an age-old recipe in many telugu households. My grandmother used to serve use this gluten free chutney with poori and dosa.

It is basically a Maharashtrian recipe, pitla (pithle/pithla) adapted to the South Indian palate. Pitla is a besan based, thick gravy served with bhakri roti which is a staple dish of Maharashtrian cuisine. Since chutney or pachadi is part and parcel of South Indian tiffins, pitla might have taken the name ‘Bombay chutney’, a thinner consistency gravy dish.