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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Market Status This Week

Markets This Week
This week was very volatile, many up and downs were seen this week. Sensex this week ended to 25489 points and Nifty closed on 7814 points. All the sectors traded negative this week. Bank of Baroda lost 3234 crore rupees in his fourth quarter. The major reason of this loss is the increase of provision. In fourth quarter, provision got increased to 6858 crore. Due to strike of jewellers, gold importation decreased 60.47% and reached to 123.67 crore dollar. According to a report, gold demand was decreased up to 33% due to strike of jewelers in April. Due to strong pressure of Dollar, crude oil fell down by 1 percent. Everywhere in the world, markets have become lethargic, as a result of which there is a decrease in export in India continuing from 17 months. If we see an overview, almost everywhere there is decrement in export. In India there is downfall of 23% in importation too.