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Thursday, 22 October 2015

League started trading, you also earn money

CNBC voice always excited to invest because we believe that the money in hand, smile on your face is not scum. Act Now our campaign of economic literacy through the financial system, we are trying to add. The campaign is continuing into the Indian trading these particular sports league is starting from today. Having ventured into the stock market, along with Indian cricketer Kapil Dev Samko Ventures has launched trading league. How did the Indian Trading Framework and what the league is important for investors and Samko Ventures CEO Jimit cricketer Kapil Dev on Modi explained.

Kapil Dev said ITL was the purpose of bringing the country's small investors are large opportunities to make money in the stock market. Foreign investors in the stock market and the toll is much higher than the number of people who put money into the stock exchange market in India is very low. ITL has been organized for the increase and through the stock market of the country has been kept thinking of putting money into the country. Prime Minister overseas tour in India are trying to get money, but if citizens put money into the market then we will not need the money.

According to Kapil Dev to invest in our country, women are not encouraged. ITL is required and therefore the presence of women in the league has been kept aside for them, and his reward was put aside. The country will also benefit from investing in this league.

Kapil Dev says that whenever he has invested, Airtel, HCL Technologies has gained from investing in shares. People should invest in this league and they want that people get a chance to make money, he would be very happy.

Jimit Modi said India investors will make money by emotion rather minded. Brokerage is a big advantage for investors in this league. ITL's first session will run until March 31, 2016 and Investors in this league can register anytime in the year. It is a league that will have fun with the game of trading and great opportunities to make money.

What's Indian Trading League

Stock Market Game ITL Samko is launched with the cricketer Kapil Dev. 1 crore through ITL can win and the league is created especially for women. ITL 4 league will run together, you can be a part of. The reward for winning every league are kept separate. During the league every week and every month, and the year the winner of the trophy will be awarded prizes. ITL through trading and investment has been hell and its made Samko a special discount brokerage model. The biggest trade brokerage will have just 20 bucks. Register to take part in ITL www.indiantradingleague.com. It will have to deposit Rs 25,000 for trading.

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